Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cheyenne McCray: Forbidden Magic

It Should be Forbidden to Miss this Magical Read

Silver Ashcroft is a D’Anu Witch and sworn only to use white magic, but Silver’s sensibilities run a little more on the grey side. She has been using grey magic to fight a powerful coven of witches using human sacrifice to power their magic. Now, that same coven has called forth an ancient and powerful enemy. Silver will need to use grey magic to summon the only warriors known to have defeated them, the Tuatha D’Danann. However, there is a problem. The more Silver uses her grey magic the stronger the she feels the pull to dark magic.

Hawk is a Tuatha D’Danann warrior who understands the need to save the earth realm, even if the elders do not. He also understands the pull a man feels for a woman. Something he feels intensely for the witch named Silver Ashcroft. Yet, he must constantly remind himself that duty always comes before personal desires. There are tragic consequences if one forgets duty.

In her first book in the Magic Series, Cheyenne McCray weaves a story of honor, danger, magic and love. Forbidden Magic illustrates how things, even love, are rarely black or white, but are continually changing shades of grey. But if you don’t care about shades of black and white then the one thing you should definitely know is that Forbidden Magic is a terrific read.